St. George Buildings of Potential Historic Significance


1925. Construction began on a new domestic livestock barn to replace the one built years ago by the lessees (Bower 1925b, 142).

Bunkhouse (Zapadni)

1933. The old watchhouse at Zapadni was replaced with a bunkhouse for six workers engaged in sealing or foxing at that end of the island (Bower 1934, 294).

Cattle Shed and Smokehouse

1929. A shelter shed for cattle and a small smokehouse were built (Bower 1930, 309).

Chicken House

1931. A chicken house was built in the fall of 1931, after the close of the sealing season (Bower 1932, 76).

Dynamite Storage

1921. A small dynamite storage building was constructed (Bower 1922, 53).


1923. A garage to store trucks was constructed on the island (Bower 1925a, 112). In 1948, construction began on a new garage for automotive equipment (U.S. Department of the Interior, Fish and Wildlife Service 1952, 45).

Government House

1926. The “old Government House” was torn down (Bower 1927, 307).

Medical Building

1928. Construction began on a two-floor medical building. The first floor held the living quarters for the resident physician and his family, an office, a dispensary, and small operating room. The second floor held two rooms for patients, a bathroom and a dental operating room. Construction was completed in 1929 (Bower 1929, 298; Bower 1930, 309).

Photo of white cottage with green roof.
Cottage C, October 18, 2006 (NOAA).

Paint Shop

1921. A small paint shop was constructed in the village (Bower 1922, 53).

School and Sewer System

1933–1935. New schoolhouse construction began in 1933 and was completed in 1935. A new sewer system accompanied the school (Bower 1936, 49).

Salt House

1919. A new salt house was built and became available for use (Bower 1919, 80). In 1929, the salt house was altered to provide for more kenches (Bower 1930, 308).

In 1930, a new salt house, 34 ft. x 100 ft., containing eight 10 ft. x 20 ft. kenches was built (Bower 1931, 74).


1929. A new two-story store was constructed. The second floor was used for storage (Bower 1930, 309).


1913. Garden Cove was one of three landing places on St. George Island. An 8 ft. x 12 ft. wooden frame house was constructed at the site, and a telephone line was strung to allow for communications with the village. The abandoned telephone line to Staraya Artil includes the posts on which to string the line (Evermann 1914, 153).


1923. A washhouse and a pumphouse “for the prospective work of washing and blubbering sealskins” was constructed (Bower 1925a, 112). In 1948, a new sealskin blubbering shop was completed and attached to the washhouse and salthouse (U.S. Department of the Interior, Fish and Wildlife Service 1948, 45–46).


1923-1925. The installation of a water system to supply the village with freshwater from Upper Lake began in 1923. In 1924, a filter and tank house were built at the lake and wood pipe laid to the village. The system distributed water by gravity flow throughout the village in 1925. In 1939, a stock fence was built around Upper Lake to keep the animals out of the village water supply (Bower 1925b, 143; Bower 1926, 143; Bower 1941, 162).

1933. A 40,000 gallon water storage tank was “built out of staves salvaged from several tanks that collapsed on St. Paul Island years ago.” The tank was installed to provide more water to the community as its needs grew beyond the gravity flow piping arrangement (Bower 1934, 294).


1921. A general shop and warehouse, 30 ft. x 60 ft., and three and a half stories high, including the basement, was constructed in 1921 (Bower 1922, 53).

1926. Construction on a new warehouse began in 1926 and was completed in 1927. A Frigidaire system was installed in the warehouse (Bower 1927, 307; Bower 1928, 146).

1938. A new 20 ft. x 50 ft. warehouse at Zapadni was completed in 1938 (Bower 1940, 148).

Wireless Station

1912. The Navy installed a wireless station within the village of St. George (Evermann 1914, 154).

Watch House

1913. The original sod watchhouse at the village of Zapadni was refurbished with new wood supports and a shingle roof. The watch was manned to defend against sealing marauders from June until November (Evermann 1914, 153).

1935. A watch house was built at Staraya Artil (Bower 1936, 49).

Zapadni Road

1938. Scoria fill replaced the four-thousand foot Zapadni plank road (Bower 1940, 148).

Photo of old car driving on a plank road.
The Zapadni plank road, 1931 (NARA).