Blubbing the pelts, Fur Seal Processing Plant

Recorded on October 2, 2003


This is some of the old stuff that we used.

This is a fur seal carriage, and this is what we would load the skins in out of this tank, load the skins in this and slide it down the rail

And as we came into the blubbering shack here, we had an option, we had two lines hanging down, and we could pull left or right.

We'd bring the carriage over, take the skin out of the rack, throw it on the bottom portion for the blubberer.

And the blubberer would pick the skin up, throw it over the rack, cut the ears off, put his knife back, fold the skin back over and take his flensing knife and proceed to remove the blubber off of the skin.

A really good blubberer could flense a whole skin in about three minutes, and that's quick, but on the average they were about eight minutes a skin.

Once done with that, they would flop them over here for the inspectors to look at.

They had indelible ink pens and they would circle the areas where blubber needed to come off.

If they did that, the skin stopped in the process there, came back and was moved over, depending on if he's left or right handed, moved over and hung on these bars here, these wooden bars.

That means he had to go back and do that skin over again.