Seal harvesting tools, Fur Seal Processing Plant

Recorded on October 2, 2003


Some of the tools that we used out in the field were the 58-inch club for killing the seals.

It was found to be the most humane method versus drugging or shocking.

And then this tool was used to hold the carcass down after the flap behind the neck was cut off.

And this was put over the back of the skull with the body facing away from the bar man, that's what he was called, the bar man.

And 3 of these nippers, three strippers would be put on to the skin and then [click] pulled off.

Once they're pulled off, then they went to a counting area and this right here was used for the carcasses later, called a pew.

And we used that to throw the seal carcasses on the truck to then go to the dump.