Shipping the seal skins, Fur Seal Processing Plant

Recorded on October 2, 2003


After the skins were sealed in their wooden barrels, they were rolled out this door and down this hill on to rows of shipland wooden that ran out here so that the barrels wouldn't be on the ground.

And they were put in the rows to wait for shipment as the next freighter would come in three to four months time.

The barrels would be stored in this area until the freighter came up from Seattle to bring in groceries, and then the backload would be all seal skins in these wooden barrels that were rolled on to a truck that was waiting by the loading dock here with a cargo net already in it, and then driven down to this concrete pier here where a mobile crane would be sitting on the dock and picking cargo nets full of wooden barrels of skins and back into the skin boats, what we called the baidars, and they were towed out to the freighter and loaded on the freighter, and then shipped to Seattle and then from Seattle to their respective countries.