Soaking tank preperation, Fur Seal Processing Plant

Recorded on October 2, 2003


These tanks, actually, are not water-tight in the Spring.

We have to start running water in them, and running water 24 hours a day,

before the processing plant starts up, so the wood would swell and seal itself back up for that season.

One interesting part of the tank is how do you get the water out of the tank?

This is how we drain it.

These would be by pressure, kick 'em, it had a line on them to loosen 'em, you pull it out.

You notice the bevel on the block.

You pull the board up and the water would start draining.

The rubber portion of this is what goes over the draining hole of the tank.

And reinstalling it, you just simply put it in, it hangs up in this portion here on a bolt. Voila!